Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cannonball Rd.

I am trying to edit some of the footage for Cannonball Rd. to put on the site.  Unfortunately, there was no evidence of the paranormal.  We documented a possum, dear, shooting star, birds and falling nuts from a tree.  This possibly explains everything that has been going on there.  It is a isolated place with a structure.  As with myth and legend, it is very likely a story was told and it has spread. 

We have not found out anything in the Internet or news media that confirms the suicides at this location. 

NEWS FLASH, Dawn is returning to the group!  We have everything to celebrate! 

Keep it real or keep it in your pocket!


Friday, November 9, 2012

The Mystery of Cannonball Rd.

Last weekend, we investigated the reported mystery of Cannonball Rd. Local students go to this location for a scare because they believe it is haunted. It is also said that 2 individuals committed suicide at this location. The location is simply an unfinished hous structue. There is no roof and there are no windows. Only thing left standing is a few walls and cinderblocks. We took our 2 rookie investigators and all of our equipment to this investigation. Here are a few photos of the investigation.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our local paper interview us and wrote a good article about what we are and what we do.  Here's the link...  Once again, thank you for all your support.  Also a big thanks to Laura Camper of the Anniston Star for taking time to interview us.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

EVP at the Client's House

During the investigation last night, we did not find much wrong with he house.  The refrigerator was a bit noisy and there was a high EMF near one of the lamps in the den area.  Also, vehicle traffic outside was audible inside the house.  But this one EVP has got me stumped.  I have listened to it a few times and even tried to clean it up.  This is the EVP we recorded.  (Please use head phones)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tonights Investigation

We got a residential investigation!  The client hears voices saying "Mama" and also sees shadow play.  We conducted the investigation and are now reviewing the footage and audio recordings. 

A few key occurances:
1.  High EMF in the living room coming from a lamp.
2.  High way traffic.
3.  Noisy refrigerator
These few things I was able to document and isolate. 

Hey guys and guyettes,

Dawn and I are going to conduct an investigation of our house.  Max, our dog, has been getting spooked.  He seems pretty spooked in the corner of the pool table area and in the bed room.  Besides this occurance, it would be cool to investigate your own house. :)

We'll post some of our findings or just some cool stuff we did thoughout this little investigation.  I hope this will also show home owners that an investigation is non intrusive and benefitual to a sane home. 

Keep ya'lls posted



Thursday, August 23, 2012

Time Stamps and Logs

Hey Ya'll,

Just a little word about time stamping and logging.  Many new groups may have never heard of this concept, much less even practice it.  Time stamping is just noting the time you may have heard  or seen something and going back to your recorded material to back up your experience.  It is important to also check the times on your recording devices and synchronize them with real time, so you can easily go back to that time and see what you may have or not captured. 

Logging is also a useful tool.  Logging is a written log of places and times where you and your team have went.  Sometimes, your team may contaminate an area because you are here and they are in a different part close by.  The noise you heard may be them.  With a log, you can track when and where your teams are during and investigation.  With these tools, your team can successfully conduct a CLEAN investigation.  Free from investigator contamination. 

Happy Hunting,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Animals and the Paranormal

Hey guys,

I wanted to talk about animals and the paranormal.  Animals have heighten sense compared to humans.  Since most animals are hunters, they possess keen smells and observatory senses.  Audio, sights and smells make animals more susceptible to the paranormal.  Animals don't have the ability to lie or fabricate the truth, they can only react.  A dog on an investigation is a great tool, because they can sense more than a human can.  If a dog is to hit on an area with paranormal activity, you can probably catch good evidence via EVP, Thermal or Infrared. 

Just keep in mind that alot of place claiming paranormal activity will not allow animals in to their areas.  On local investigations, make sure you remind the client that you would like to bring in an animal to help in your investigation. 

Happy hunting!